Wooden, wood-aluminum clad, or pvc windows? The features of different materials

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What are the characteristics of wooden, wood-aluminum, or PVC windows? How to choose the material that suits me? And what about maintenance? Often, for those not in the industry, it's challenging to navigate through the various offers on the market. However, choosing a window is an important decision that will accompany us for many years, perhaps even a lifetime. That's why it would be good to have a clear understanding before making a purchase.

All wood: a natural, ecological, and durable materialo

Wood is beautiful, but how much maintenance does it require? Many people tend to think that choosing wooden windows is an elegant solution but balanced by a continuous need for interventions to keep the fixtures healthy. In reality, if of quality and well-made, wooden windows can truly last a lifetime with minimal attention even after many years.

Laminated wood windows are durable, they offer high performances, are characterized by a great aesthetic and require minimum attention. 

PBFinestre's All Wood line is inspired by high craftsmanship: the frame, made entirely of wood, does not involve the addition of any synthetic material and is therefore entirely environmentally friendly. The wooden slats are individually selected to ensure optimal aesthetic and qualitative results, while the high-frequency gluing process makes the structure durable. The laminated technology prevents natural wood distortions, and in terms of thermal insulation, wood has always had high performance. Biodegradable and safe, it has a lifespan of many decades and requires minimal care.

Wood-Aluminum clad: the warmth of nature, the strength of metal

Durability over time and no maintenance – a dream? No, just a wood-aluminum window. The combination of the two materials brings multiple advantages, combining the positive characteristics of each and mitigating their drawbacks. The exterior, made of aluminum, makes the window almost eternal and allows high performance in terms of resistance and security even if shutters are not provided. The interior, on the other hand, is made of wood, with its beauty, naturalness, and warmth.

The warmth of wood combines with the resilience of aluminum: windows that are resilient and elegant, almost timeless, and naturally two-toned

The design of these fixtures is designed to replicate that of traditional wooden windows: elegant and enveloping aesthetic impact combines with durability and versatility, making these windows the ideal choice even in extreme weather conditions or when cleaning and routine maintenance operations are complex.

Last but not least, the aspect of coloring: since it combines two different materials, it naturally appears bicolor, allowing for very different colors between the interior and exterior.

PVC: a modern, colorful, and environmentally friendly choice

Convenient PVC, but is it polluting? How many of you have had this thought at least once when evaluating which windows to choose for your project? In reality, PBFinestre's PVC windows are made with quality recycled materials, making them eco-friendly and sustainable. Also, from a performance perspective, they offer extraordinary thermal and acoustic insulation capacity and are available in a wide range of colors to adapt to every need and stylistic choice. Their strength is, of course, the price, but beware: even for PVC windows, one choice is not the same as another. To ensure durability, high performance, and aesthetic appeal, it's advisable to turn to trusted manufacturers.

Made with recycled materials to be eco-friendly, versatile, durable, high-performance, and vibrantly colored: pvc windows are an excellent choice for their quality-price ratio.

PBFinestre, con la sua divisione PBplast, ha investito ingenti risorse per aggiornare le competenze del proprio staff – perché il fattore umano è il primo a fare la differenza – e per dotarsi dei macchinari più evoluti del settore, così da poter realizzare in piena autonomia finestre in PVC di ogni tipo, tecnologicamente avanzate e competitive sotto l’aspetto economico.

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