Why PBFinestre

PBFinestre combines technological excellence and high aesthetic value to enhance the quality of life in homes around the world.

All the windows in the world

Whatever window you are looking for, whether in wood, wood-aluminum, or PVC, we have the solution for you. Our standard production lines, developed through decades of experience, strong attention to the market and its needs, and the ability to develop custom projects and products make the PBFinestre range limitless.

Designing your home is a journey in search of your own style and harmony that generates well-being.

Cutting-edge windows and doors

Research on materials, design, attention to innovations, increasingly durable and high-performance products: the world of fixtures is constantly evolving both in technological aspects and aesthetic perspectives. The PBFinestre product range offers cutting-edge solutions for both modern and classic or ancient buildings with specific aesthetic needs.



Every project is important


Every product of ours has to be perfect; that's why we always personally commit to each project, offering full availability for problem resolution and building relationships based on honesty and transparency.


Every day, the commitment to improve


The commitment to improvement has always been a core value in our reality. It unites everyone collaborating with PBFinestre, believing that the best results are achieved by giving one's best day after day.

PBFinestre warranties

One year of free assistance and ten years on product and painting.


Discipline, the path towards excellence


Discipline is what makes the difference between ordinary and extraordinary. Since PBFinestre aims for excellence in every aspect of its work and strives for increasingly high-performance products, it is essential to define a path, set clear goals, and outline the steps to achieve them. And then embark on the journey.

One or a thousand, standard or custom

The PBFinestre production process allows us to tackle each project with maximum flexibility, both in quantitative terms and in terms of design and particular requests. The industrial structuring, thanks to which we have the possibility of guaranteeing large-scale orders, has never made us lose that custom-made imprint whereby we are able to offer even the single piece with the same passion and attention.

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PBFinestre sales points throughout italy offer the possibility of direct purchase from the manufacturer.

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Sustainable choices, for us and for you

All PBFinestre fixtures are produced with consideration for reducing environmental impact and energy savings. Moreover, thanks to the high quality of workmanship and materials, our customers can reduce their consumption through perfect thermal insulation, as well as benefit from soundproofing, wind resistance, and perfect water tightness.

Quality making its way in the world

PBFinestre fixtures are designed and built to harmoniously integrate with the world of architecture and design studios: a quality that, combined with the option of direct purchase from the manufacturer with all the guarantees and advantages that come with it, has allowed us to be part of prestigious projects worldwide while ensuring our clients always rely on 100% Made in Italy production.

Being humble to constantly improve

Humility for us means being aware of the excellence of our work while being open to new ideas and willing to learn from each project. This is how we discover ways to improve even what already works.


The determination of a team that believes in it


When you enter the doors of PBFinestre, you can feel the determination firsthand. It comes from a united team that believes in their work, in the present, and in the future of the company. An enthusiasm that we want to convey to our clients in how we approach their projects and provide our support.


Creating well-being


So that people can live well, both at home and at work. We believe in the importance of a healthy and comfortable environment, values that we convey to both our products and our collaborators. Living, as well as spending time, in a healthy and pleasant place is an essential added value.

The courage of a winning choice

The decision to completely internalize all production phases is one of the key reasons for PBFinestre's success. On one hand, it allows us to control every process and step, and on the other, to invest in innovation and immediately apply new solutions or technologies. Not to mention the great flexibility provided by the department entirely dedicated to custom processing.

A PBFinestre fixture will be by your side for life: a choice we accompany with our consultation.

The importance of glass

When we think of a window, our thoughts go directly to wood, aluminum, PVC, but we tend to forget that the majority of its surface is composed of glass, making it a fundamental part of the fixture. That's why PBFinestre, almost uniquely in its sector, has decided to internalize the glassworks as well, an area where innovations are crucial for safety, efficiency, and sustainability.

For the window to be an element of furnishing and high performance design, but above all, an expression of you and your way of living, without compromises.

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