Haraka | Ashville

Connecting nature and material: the haraka residence project

Haraka | Ashville
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A space of great allure, where wood takes center stage, creating a seamless connection with the green spaces outside the residence: we're talking about the Haraka Residence project in North Carolina, USA. This project materializes into a true oasis of peace, where windows play a significant role.

Wood is the main protagonist of this project
Large windows overlook the surrounding nature
Every boundary between inside and outside is eliminated

Uniqueness and sustainability, even for the windows

Immersed in a mountainous landscape and surrounded by a breathtaking natural setting, the Haraka Residence, designed by PLATT Architecture, consists of the main residence and a guest house. Key focuses of the construction include the connection between interior and exterior spaces and the use of natural and sustainable materials.


The desire not to create distinct divisions between indoor and surrounding nature led to the choice of large windows and glass panels, often full-wall: an extreme aesthetic choice with a unique visual impact.

The distinctive design choices required tailored solutions, especially in terms of structure, reinforced with invisible steel elements to support the wood. Predominant alongside wood are the large, often full-wall windows that frame the panoramic views.

In this splendid context, PBFinestre contributed by creating harmonious lift-and-slide windows that characterize the structure, using wood as the material. This choice aligns well with the company's philosophy focused on environmental sustainability and eco-friendly, waste-free production.

All Wood: the eco-friendly choice for projects that enhance the local environment.

The All Wood window type, used for the Haraka Residence, is the ideal solution for those seeking the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. The use of wood enhances the prestige of the residence, adding elegance to the spaces. Its enveloping color, natural grain, and the warmth it brings to the atmosphere make it a material that perfectly adapts to any style.

In an environment like that of the Haraka Residence, centered around natural raw materials and the creation of a strong connection with the external nature, wood was a logical choice. However, even for modern or minimalistic homes, it remains a compelling option due to its extreme versatility and the ability to undergo various finishes. That's why a wooden window effortlessly fits into projects of different styles.

For the haraka residence project, where the focus was on the connection with nature, wood was the most logical choice. However, it's such a versatile material that it's perfect even in modern environments.

From a performance standpoint, wood is unmatched: a living, natural, and entirely eco-friendly material that simultaneously ensures excellent technical parameters for insulation, both in terms of weather conditions and noise. How could one not fall in love with it?

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