Renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, and efficient: wood for windows, an eco-friendly choice

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Wooden windows are an environmentally friendly choice both in terms of sourcing raw materials from certified forests with reforestation obligations and in terms of processing and end-of-life disposal. Moreover, they offer excellent performance for high-energy-efficient homes.


Wooden windows produced with certified materials from forests

The timeless charm of wood is undeniable: a warm and richly nuanced natural material with unique characteristics, capable of being the protagonist in both traditional and glamorous environments. But what about environmental sustainability? Is choosing a wooden window a concrete step in protecting nature? In general, the answer is yes for several reasons, especially if the wood comes from certified forests with reforestation obligations.

Wooden windows from certified forests are part of a virtuous production chain, where not only are forests and ecosystems protected, but they are also kept in perfect health, with positive environmental impacts.

The first step is to choose wooden windows whose raw material comes from these forests. But what do these certifications mean? In short, they are protected sources of wood supply, where a stable relationship is maintained between the mature plants that are cut and the young ones that are planted, ensuring a perfect balance in the forest. Furthermore, young plants release more oxygen and absorb more carbon dioxide than mature ones. So the overall impact on the environment is positive.

Wooden windows: an environmentally friendly material in every aspect

We have seen how sourcing wood from FSC certified forests has no negative impact on the environment, making wooden windows eco-friendly from birth. What about the rest of their life? In terms of processing, the production of a wooden window requires a limited amount of energy, and potentially harmful elements are not used in the manufacturing process, benefiting both well-being and environmental sustainability.

Even the end-of-life of wooden windows is easy to manage, as it is a naturally biodegradable material without the need for specific treatments: in short, a sustainable choice in all its phases, from raw material supply to disposal.

Another aspect to consider is durability. The longer an object can withstand the test of time, the lower its environmental impact under equal conditions. A good wooden window can last as long as the building it is installed in, with minimal maintenance, and can be easily repaired in case of damage.

The use of water-based paints instead of solvent-based ones is also environmentally friendly: a special technology that acts on water molecules allows us to obtain a compact, homogeneous, and resistant result, reducing energy consumption in the production phase and providing significant benefits for well-being and environmental sustainability.

cA complete range of wooden windows for high-energy-efficient homes

Being eco-friendly also depends on the performance that can be guaranteed: PBFinestre offers an entire line dedicated to homes that meet the highest energy standards.

Wood is not only an excellent natural insulator, but the performance of a window depends more on overall design and construction than the material used for the frame. This is why wooden windows are environmentally friendly from an energy-saving perspective.

The selection of glass also has a significant impact on the comfort and technological value of the window: PBFinestre's internal glass, a Saint-Gobain partner, can provide some of the most innovative products in the industry with excellent thermal and acoustic insulation performance and energy-saving features, as well as providing the right brightness for interior spaces.

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